Help solve the legal dilemma

Hi guys,

I have a rather strange question, which drove me to a standstill.
I release music in albums and singles (not in AudioJungle, I mean) under the license of CC-BY-NC. It prohibits commercial use, but at the same time I can sign a license to use such a track in a commercial project. Well, that is, it turns out that technically using a track originally released under such a license in commerce is possible.
Now the question is - can I use such a track in my Videohive project? Especially considering that I am the author of music. Of course, this track will not be included in the project.
And if I can - then do I need to sign a license for myself? :smiley:
And as well as in the description to the project to let know about the conditions for using the track, if it is forbidden to give links in the description?

If you hold all rights to the track you should be able to do with it what you want, even if you have released it under a CC-BY-NC license alreadyd.
You should also be able to not only use it in your preview, but to include it in your main files as well.

I mean, it’s your track and as long as no other party holds any rights of it, you are free to do what you want with it.

Regarding the link to the track: If the website you link to can be considered a competitor of Audiojungle this may cause problems.