HELP: several issues with Nex Forms/Paypal integration

I am using:

  • “Nex Forms - Ultimate” Version 7.5.12
  • NEX-Forms ADD ON - PayPal PRO Version

I have integrated Nex Form with PayPal. Here are the issues that I am experiencing:

  1. UNDER INTEGRATIONS TAB: >> PAYPAL “Send emails on successful payment” does not send email on payment completion. The only email option that works here is “Send emails before payments”, but this makes it difficult to reconcile payments with form submission.

  2. UNDER INTEGRATIONS TAB >> PAYPAL: “SUCCESS MESSAGE” and “FAILURE MESSAGE” seem to be reversed. Is everyone experiencing it?

  3. I seem not to be able to figure out how to reconcile payments with form details: the name on the form on my website may not be the same name as on PayPal payment. Is there a way to pass field value with “name” to PayPal so that it can send it back to me in payment confirmation email?
Thank you!