Help selling on envato

I want to sell a wordpress plugin on codecanyon. I would like to know how the authentication works. Like how to check if the license is valid, etc.

It says my product was denied, but theres no reason why.

Please advise.

no one can help? Whats the point of these forums?

Envato allocates a unique “purchase code” for each license. You can send these codes to the Envato API to verify a purchase. We often call this a “keygate”. I’ve made a guide with all the details here:

However, if your product was rejected, then this isn’t something you should be worrying about. Adding a keygate to your item is not required, and this is not the reason your item was rejected. If you need help understanding the rejection, post your live demo on the forums along with the rejection message.

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Thank you very much for your reply. Here is the email I received about my submission. As you can see there isn’t any details on why it was rejected. There are other fantasy sports products on the marketplace. I thought it was perhaps due to the fact that I had not implemented the license check. IF you could advise, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Thank you for your recent Elements application.

We have completed our review of your portfolio submission. Unfortunately, on this occasion, your application was unsuccessful.

We appreciate the time and effort that you have put into your application and encourage you to continue working on your portfolio.

To see the most common reasons that applications are unsuccessful, take a look at the following [Help Center article]

We encourage you to work on your portfolio and re-apply in the future.

Envato Elements Team

This looks like you were applying to be an author on elements rather than submitting an item?

You have to have an active portfolio and sales to be able to do that

Thanks for your reply. I selected codecanyon and am on the codecanyon dashboard and tried to add an item from there. It looks like its the correct UI.