Help restoring from backup



I have a WP site with Striking Multiflex theme.
In a moment of madness I decided to close business and cancelled hosting.
Now I come to senses and want to restore website.
I have recent good Installatron backups - but something more is needed.
I need someone to fix it for me. Any developers out there?



This isn’t something general to all scenarios. You mention Joomla website, yet tagged WordPress?

Each hosting environment is different. Generally speaking, most hosting companies will offer you help.

Also, the type of backup and the environment you’re trying to restore it in could make a big difference.

Personally, most of these scenarios you can research with a quick Google search.

If you’re looking for further help (hands on) you can contact us via our website or contact form about it.

Though not something we’d do for free mind you.

Best of luck.


Oops… I meant Wordpress - not Joomla…
I want someone to do it for me… make it work again…

I have a good Installatron backup



Well, without more information it’s kinda hard to offer you insight or advice.

If you absolutely need someone to do it for you, I’m sure we can have a look.

The type of backup and the hosting environment will play a big role on the complexity of it being restored.

Though essentially, all that is needed for a restore of a website is the website files.

In this case, with WordPress, you require the “/wp-content/” folder and the .SQL database file for that install.

You can reference here:

It’s a good article that makes references to a few common backup types and how to properly restore them.

If all else fails, you can use our Envato profile where you’ll find a contact form to send us a message.

Provide as much detail as possible regarding to the type of backup and your new hosting environment.

This will at least let us familiarize ourselves with your needs.


I have an Installatron backup. It is ‘restored’ now - but the formatting in our desired theme is screwed.
It displays in a basic WP theme (no images). (Short codes disappeared??)
Can I afford you? Send me your contacts in a PM