Help requested - No support for Web Order Management System

The Item ( is not working properly, despite of the fact that I installed the “Web Order Management System” strictly following the steps in the manual provided with the Item. I wrote numerous comments on the comments page, as well as emails to the author via the profile page.
The demo, that you can access via the links in the item description works properly. The problem is that the script requires log on, and when you log on, it sends you to the admin page. For all practical purposes the “Order” page is not available. If you type the address when you are logged on as Admin, the “order” page shows up and works properly. There is something wrong with the script. Please help me.
By the description and by the provided links with demos everyone assumes that there should be a way to place order as simple user, not as administrator.
As you can see, I wrote multiple comments on the comments page. No support at all. I waited more than a month and half for simple answer.

I WANT assistance. I want the account of the ilikecoding to be suspended or the Envato staff make him provide the support he promised. I have reported fatal issue with the product about 6 months ago. No support of any kind. During this time only 2 comments from his side. Promised email with update. No email, no update. Is this what I have paid for?