help request for buying “theme”


I am going to design a website (like wikipedia but with a stronger theme and more graphical and in local language) which includes General information of all the provinces of the country including:
1.1. information attracted for tourist and related photos,
1.2. photos of historical places,
1.3. Celebrities who lived in that city etc
1.4. more specifically comprehensive information about that city,
With the following characteristics:
 a professionalprofile with a graphic template, acceptable facilities (at the upper limit),both user-attraction capabilities and flexible’
 easy to visit the pages (user friendly page)
 having the full control of the admin panel,
 preferably with ability for acceptance of advertisements
I do not know what kinds of themes shall I select: such as“avada”,“Enfold”,“Visual Composer”, “The Voux” and etc.
i am looking for an easy way because I do not want to lose my time for section of the said theme, therefore I would like to help me in selection of the best theme especially trendy, up-to-date, professional, and have authoritative supportand upgrades with significant changes(preferably from themeforest Site).
With special thanks


All the themes you mention are great but to achieve what you are after entirely is going to mean a fair amount of custom work.

You can find freelancers at