HELP PLEASE!!!! with INFO Notice - Only one text-domain issue



Hi Guys!

Does anyone have any idea how to fix the following INFO notice in Theme Checker?:

INFO: Only one text-domain is being used in this theme. Make sure it matches the theme’s slug correctly so that the theme will be compatible with language packs.
The domain found is looper

I already searched in Google and here in Envato forum as well for solutions but I couldn’t find any :frowning: :frowning::frowning: I’m really hoping someone could help me here. Any help will be appreciated.



This is notice you don’t need to fix it. It will pass the review ! :slight_smile:


Thanks QyoThemes!

Hope you could take time to answer followup questions too :slight_smile:

  1. I forgot to include that I did the theme checker on my child theme and the text-domain mentioned above (“looper”) is the text-domain of my parent theme. Is that still alright or should the text-domain of child theme be different from the parent theme’s text domain?

  2. If we don’t fix this issue, will it still work fine with plugins such as WPML? We also have other plugins bundled like Visual composer, layerslider etc… but my main concern is the WPML.

  3. What this error really means in practical use of the theme?

Thanks in advance!!

  1. Yes that is okay - don’t change anything.

  2. I am not familiar with WPML plugin but I am believing that if you followed their instructions you are not going to have any problem ( Also you can check by yourself is everything OK )

  3. It is not an ERROR this it just information for you.