Help please !! The link you have followed has expired. Please try again.

Hi, I just bought molte-store in themeforest, I already downloaded the theme and at the time of installation I get an error: “The link you have followed has expired. Please try again.” Would you please help me? Thank you


I have seen that you already post comments in the theme comments tab.Hope theme Author will reply and assist you to fix it soon. Please wait for the theme Author reply.


hello, thank you very much for the answer, I did the manual installation, but when activating my product, it sends me the following message: “Your Invalid information! Please recheck please username or purchase code”, I entered the data of my profile, but apparently the code is not right, in what section can I get the code again? regards

Hello @ocristam!

You can download the purchase code from your downloads page. Simply select “License certificate & purchase code” from the drop-down when clicking the download button. Then open the file and copy the purchase code. :smiley:


thank you again :), I already downloaded the file and it still throws the error, I copied and pasted it exactly, it does not work

Alright, you’ll need to contact the author for that issue. Send them the purchase code and the error you’re getting.

I just checked their support forum and it seems to be down, but they have contact info and a contact form on their profile which you can use:


Wooo, then, I’ll have to send the author all then, Thank you very much for your help

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