Help please, Roadie template

I am a beginner but have used a few templates and have a basic knowledge.
Roadie - I can add pages or posts, menu items etc and customise them.

But how do I add a page to the front scrolling home page?

Roadie looks like a one-page scrolling site. I can not figure out how to add pages to this scrollable home page.

thanks in advance


You need to contact the template author about this they can help you on this.
If it’s customisation you need to hire a developer to add homepage for you.

thank you!

Pretty sure this was removed and may not be supported. (may be a temporary status).

However configuring the home page will almost certainly be covered in the documentation.

Thank all, yes the template was removed. I can creat everything except adding a page to the home scrolling page. I have follwed the instructions in the documentation as below:

Create a simple section
To create a section that will be displayed in your main page, simply create a page using the “Section” template.
Section options
Below the post editor of your section page, you will find the section options
It will allow you to set an image or video background and the content width of your section.

A new page is created ok, but it does not appear in the scrollable main home page.

Without seeing the admin it’s hard to advise, and if the item has been removed then there is a consideration as to if it is functioning with the latest versions of WP etc.


  • when you created a page did you assign an image or video BG in that panel the documentation mentions?

  • Is there definitely not another box/option in those section options that mentions adding to home page?

  • are the other sections already on the home page definitely individual pages in the admin and not all added in one page? If so have you opened on of these to see what options may be selected?