help please my new PSD design Template can you tall me its approved

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What’s different about your item compared to all the others?

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This is something that needs to be made unique

Yes, it does, but what’s unique about this one?

It has no unique design problem or any other problem

That’s not what I’m asking. I’m asking you to tell me why I should buy this over the many others like it.

I personally wouldn’t buy this. Looks way too generic.

can you tall me its approved

Probably not.

can tall me how can i am unique design

If you work in any section, it is likely to be approved

It’s hard for me to understand what you mean. You should put some effort in your written english as most of us here are not native speakers, but we bother because it makes communication better between us. Regarding your template, it is not unique, and pretty much overdone. There are loads of free resources that offer more than your template. Crafting a unique design is not something we can tell you. You have to be creative, that’s part of the job. If you can’t, it means your skills are not sharp enough. You should dive deeper in your webdesign studies and come back with a product that has a premium feel and features. Best.

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