Help please (logo hard rejected again)

Please Need Comment of my logo rejected .
here link:

I think because of the eight-petalled flower.
This image is too common.

Hello characters art,
my idea is a differnt flower, but i don’t know what missed in this concept…

As far as I can see, “flower” is a core element of the concept.
And this “flower” is a too common symbol.
In my opinion.

this is my 28 rejection logo , ido’t know. iam still borred …i need a change platform.:pensive::pensive::pensive:

28 rejections one after the other?
No one accepted?

No, i think say good by to envato, :rage:

Try look at top sellers of Logo on Envato,
Maybe something will become clear,

hi buddy, i have answered this one for you in the other thread where u asked , u can chaco this out if u did not do yet