Help! Please help a newbie.

Hi, I am new to Envato Elements and would like to start a subscription. Wondering if anyone can help to answer my questions urgently instead of me navigating and trying to find answers

  1. I understand that the subscription is 16.50 but is there additional cost when I download the items?
  2. How can I use the motion packs? are they in MP4 or MOV format? Can I use it on AfterEffects?
  3. Can I use the downloaded motion packs on live stream of an virtual event that I am creating? is there extended license i need to purchase? if yes, price?
  4. is there any limits to number of downloads for motion packs?
  1. No additional costs for items, though keep in mind you only get what’s on the Elements website, NOT Themeforest, Graphicriver, etc. Also keep in mind that the $16.50 is the per month cost when billed yearly, so you pay a lump sum of $198 which is equal to $16.50/month. If you only want to pay on a monthly basis then the cost is $33/month.

  2. It can vary between items. Some items only supply an MP4 or other video format, while some will be supplied as AE files. Usually if an item is customizable it will be included as something like AE, but if it’s just an overlay then it’ll likely be MP4 or some other uneditable format. The item description and specs will tell you exactly what format you’re getting, and if you need any specific software or plugins.

  3. All items on Elements fall under one license, which you can use an unlimited amount of times while your subscription is active. However, let’s say you want to use a logo intro template for all of your livestreams, you can use the one license for all of your streams. If you wanted to create a second account on Twitch and stream on that one with the same intro, you need to acquire a second license for that same template, which I believe is as easy as just clicking a button.

  4. No, I don’t think so. However, you can’t stockpile assets, you must only download things as you need them. So no getting 5-10 different items for use at a later time, you download one item then use it, then if you need something else later, you can download at that time.

Your downloads are only licensed while you are subscribed to Elements, but you can continue to use work that you made using an item after your subscription expires. For example, you download a logo template and use it to make your own which you use regularly, when your subscription is over you can keep using the logo intro, but you cannot make any additional intros using that same template. If you download something and then never use it before your subscription ends, then you simply cannot legally use it.

It’s a lot, but hopefully it all made sense.

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Hi XioxGraphix,

Thanks for the info! it really helped alot especially point 1. Didn’t know that it is $33 per month if billed monthly.

Do you know if they will refund if i chose the billed yearly option and cancel it after the second month?

On point 3, when you mentioned second license, would you know how much another license will cost? So if i am understanding right, it is license per Social Media platform. For example, if I live stream on facebook and youtube, does it means I need 2 license?

Also, does it mean if I would like to keep the video online on my youtube channel, I would need to keep the subscription ongoing? I’m actually just planning to download some confetti video loop for a live stream event and that video might be left online for a year.


If you haven’t downloaded anything then you should be able to get a refund no problem, however, if you have downloaded something then it may be difficult, if not impossible. Just explain the situation to support and they’ll do the best they can.

I don’t think a second license would cost you anything with the Elements subscription. I’m not positive, but once you’ve downloaded something it will give you the option to re-download it, or to just simply re-license it, which tells the system that it’s been licensed that many times.

No, once the video goes live it can stay there forever, regardless of if you have an active subscription. You can even continue to post new videos with the EXACT SAME work that you created using a template, as long as the videos are being posted to the same Youtube channel. If you want to post them on a different channel you would need a new license for it, meaning you will need an active subscription.

Hi XioxGraphix,

Thanks you you i managed to start the subscription and get some work done.
Take are and all the best!