Help please!Hard Rejection


Good afternoon ! I have somewhere in the order of 20 logos uploaded on GraphicRiver and none has passed , I got a “Hard” Denial . I ask to help me or suggest what could be the reason for my rejection , I will be very grateful for your help . Here are some of my recent works . Thank you very much!


I’m sorry to say that, but there aren’t logos with a high quality and have no originality

stylish photo maybe can be good if you create it more original and creative
bee colony, flying fox (you write FLIYNG but it’s FLYING) and muscleman have bad shapes and lines, muscleman face can be a funny meme ahah

try to study more and do little more practice


The stylish photo one isn’t too bad, but it lacks a premium feel. The bee has too much detail in the face, it seems out of place with the rest of the body. The segments of the fox don’t have enough separation, they’re very small gaps. The body builder dude looks like some kind of meme, and the banner/text at the bottom looks really simple.

You seem to be heading in the right direction, but they definitely need a bit more time spent on polishing and fin tuning the designs, fonts and overall quality. Good luck!