Help please (general commercial quality standard) reject

Hi everyone,
I just started writing for audiojungle and I don’t understand why this song was rejected.
Can you help me understand please?
Thank you!

Hi DropSounds, I’m not a specialist in hip hop style, but the track sounds good to me, the only thing that I would try to improve is the FM electric piano sound that you use for the melody, it’s too dry, it needs for me a right reverberation, more space and atmosphere!
It’s only my opinion!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Grazie mille!
What are you meaning for “FM electric”?

Prego, di nulla! :slight_smile:

I mean a piano like this:

Your melody sound starting at 0:09 reminds me to the FM (modulation frequency) sounds of the vintage synths of the 80s.

Thks! i’ll try

Hi DropSounds!

The FM synths do not match the battery… Try the 808 drumkits. When the guitar comes in, the sound gets blurred. The lowest sounds need EQ cut frequencies.

Good Luck!!!

But what is the sound that plays the melody line? what is the synth used?
I don’t know if you understand me, I did not say that your sound is wrong, only this need a right reverb! :slight_smile: