Help Please for Upload Processing

I uploaded a video 2 months ago but it’s still processing.

Envato recently told that stock footage and motion graphics are taking long time review process because of the huge number of uploads made by authors to these specific categories. Maybe that´s the reason why your item is still processing. You can find many authors with same problem in this forum.

No, “huge number of uploads” is not the reason.
You guys missed info about Review Queue for Stock Footage & Photos Authors.
Envato temporarily paused uploading and reviewing for stock footage and photo items.
Be more attentive.

I didn´t miss that info. But if Envato is temporarily pausing uploading and reviewing for stock footage and photos is because they have to improve the process because of the very big number of items to review, that´s why the review time for those categories is so long. It was explained many times in topics before the info you mentioned above, wich I didn´t miss.

I searched for that link at the moment to reply but i coudn´t find it. So I tried to answer the best way possible.
Anyway, thanks for adding the link :+1: