help please, audiojungle did not take 4 tracks

soft quiet music
music for a good mood
sad music
rejected these 4 tracks, put a lot of effort into them, please tell me what the problem might be (they didn’t describe the problem in the recall). And tell me please, is someone writing music for an audiojungle on a synthesizer?

Nice compositions, I like the chords progression of Sad Music (however the hi electronic kick sound metronome have nothing to do there).

It sounds very unnatural and mechanical. You need to program your music to make it sound realistic. By exemple, the violin in the first track : the transition between the notes are really jerky. You need to connect notes smoothly with different bowing presets and make expressive line (in melodic passages). You need real staccato with round robin samples for rhytmhn part. Watch/listen to live musician to develop your sensibility\judgement for this. You will need good/versatile sound libraries too. Try not too quantize too much.

The tracks don’t sound mixed. This is really dry (lack of reverb), too much compression (bad pumping). Instruments don’t blend, volume balance problem between instruments… I propose to you that excellent youtube channel about mixing:

Your compositions are great, now you need to learn to program MIDI and mix music to really give justice to your compositions. Practice a lot those things! You’ll get better and better with time. Be patient, it’s a long road.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

thank you very much for the answer, you helped me a lot))):slightly_smiling_face::blush::wink:

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