Help place a photo on the left side and the descripton with the about me button on the right side!

Hello everybody.

I’m having problems with the code.

When I corrected it, my photo on the left side disappeared (see second image below) and the formatting of the description and about me button does not appear as in the second image.

So my question is:

The code is below:

<div class="image">

    <img src="images/photo ze.jpg" alt="">


<div class="content">

    <h1>My name is José Moreira, I am




           data-rotate='[ "Graphic Design.", "Photographer.", "Web developer.",]'></span>


    <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur, adipisicing elit. Optio doloribus ullam at commodi sit, excepturi dicta minus cumque rerum quod nisi sapiente accusantium, accusamus a atque totam adipisci. Who, error?</p>

    <a href="#about" class="btn">about me</a>


The complete code is at:

I greatly appreciate your help.

You can get support by contacting the item author: