Help on hard rejected template

I would like to have some advice on an HTML template I had hard rejected. The reviewer provided me some screenshots of errors that were appearing in the developer console but when I opened the console myself to find and fix the errors, there were no errors appearing. I double checked from other devices to make sure, even asked friends from other cities and countries in case the errors were region specific.

Here are the screenshots the reviewer provided me:

Here is the URL to the item:

What are your suggestions? Thank you all in advance for your feedback,

Due to the restriction for new users,here are the remaining links to the screenshots: - -

Looks Like Its Soft Reject.

No, the item has been hard rejected

Are you Sure ?

Reviewers dosent Tell Issues if its Hard Reject.

Overall Website Template Looks Unfinished.
Most Of Pages Needs More Work.

Positive, here is a screenshot of the email:

Link is Not Working (not showing img)

Would you mind elaborating? If you mean that it’s simple with not too much content, it’s because I wanted it to be as simple as possible with not many effects, colours, etc because in my opinion, templates with too many effects, parallax, sliders, etc, have been overly saturated. Hence I made it simple enough, focusing on the content instead of effects

That is weird, this one?

Yes - Hard Reject - Looks Like Envato Improved Hard Reject Process :smiley:

Check and Improve - Typography, Spacing, Colors

Check Portfolio Pages - Overlay Items Are Not Center - Middle.
It says its Boxed Layout - But There is only demo about cols

Thank you for your feedback Muse-Maaster, Your screenshots gave me some great insight to make my template better :slight_smile:
But still, what about the console errors the reviewer pointed out?

Don’t know about that - no console errors found on my end

Say I beautify the template based on your screenshots and tips, is it safe to resubmit or not?