Help on Color Room theme by Fxoffice

Hello! I am trying to update a site using the Color Room WP theme:
The site was created by another webdesigner so the site owner has no documentation and is unable to get it from the former webdesigner.
The site author is currently in the Ukranian army and is no longer providing support.
I would like to obtain the documentation and I also have some questions:

  1. I’d like to update Wordpress to the latest version (5.0.1). Is this theme compatible with the latest version of Wordpress? If not, what can I do?
  2. I updated the plugins one by one but now the scroll animation (clouds and rockets floating across the screen) no longer works. Do you know how/where to configure the animation?
  3. I there any way to configure the Contacts page so that I can leave the map coordinates blank without having the border display on the page? (If I fill them in, a map with an error message appears, when I leave them blank, there’s no map but a border is displayed where the map should be).
    Here’s the actual site address: In the English version (, the plugins have not been updated so the animation works and the map coordinates are filled in so a map with an error message appears).
    I’m at my wit’s end!
    Thanks for your help!


Your item

Doesn’t support WordPress Versin 5.0

Open a Envato Element Support Ticket


I did. I was told to create a topic on the forum since they cannot help me with individual items. However, I do not know if I picked the correct category. Can I pick another one?

My personal suggest you can contact with a freelancer from Envato studio who can help you customization you item.

This is Envato Studio


I am not sure one thing. have you purchased the theme or collect from your designer?
If you purchased then you can get support from the theme Author

If you don’t have option to get Author support then the best way to fix all your query is hire a freelancer.


Thanks for your input!
The author is unfortunately unavailable, currently in the Ukranian army so he cannot provide support.

It would be great if I could reach out to someone else who has the theme and documentation, but I’m having trouble finding anyone.

hire freelancer can be one of your option. Freelancer who will take responsibility to fix all issues and running your site smothly.

Thanks for your input. However, I don’t believe I need theme customization per se, but information on if the theme is compatible with the new Wordpress and documentation.
The problem is that the theme is no longer supported by the author and I cannot find information on it.

Any ideas?

from the theme details page I found your theme last updated more than 3 years ago. So, I think the theme can create issues with latest WordPress version 5. Also your theme is not gutenberg optimized.

You definitely need a freelancer.

The lat update was almost 4 years ago and the theme was built over 5 years ago so it will not support the latest versions of WP (by several releases most likely).

A freelancer will be able to determine the work required and solutions to making it function correctly

Honestly the right thing to do is probably to consider upgrading to a new and more modern theme which is more up to date etc. as hacking old themes is not an advisable solution

Hi again!
I would prefer to avoid doing that, especially since I don’t even know if the Color Room theme is compatible with the latest version of Wordpress (5.0.1).

as I said you should hire a freelancer who will take responsibility to fix all issues and running your site smothly. beside this you have no option I think. One thing you can do and that is you ownself or your hiring freelancer can do the fixes and update to latest wp and run everyhting at local pc and when all will go well then can upload at your server.

99.9% it is definitely not - there is no way that a theme that old (esp. given the errors on the live site) will be fully compliant with the latest update (which is pretty sizable)