HELP NEEDED! (New to Videohive, How can I upload preview images?)

Hello there , I am new to videohive, I recently uploaded my first ever project but when I uploaded it it’s not viewing things I wanted it.
See : [link removed]
I want text to be in order or in bullet points and in between I want to show preview images just like this
[link removed]

Can anybody tells me what I am doing wrong because I am not able to find any article or video which guides about this.

And is there any way I can re-edit that template that I already uploaded?

Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi, you need to use some basic HTML to stylize the text.
There is a good website that one of the envato authors created:

You can edit the description if you go to your item page then look for this “edit” button. image

Good luck.

Thank you very much for help brother :slight_smile:

could you also tell me where to upload the preview images so I can embed them in my description?

any image upload site would basically do.

I remember having issues with imgur which was my preferred choice, so now I only use it works perfectly :heart_eyes:

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