help needed for sit unfinished

Hey all,
Been having issues with a web developer (NOT from this site) I hired about 12 months ago now to build my site, but he took my money and piggyback the site onto another site. I am not sure how to get the site he started completed, or even what it is written in, but I have managed to have my domain name removed from his server so far.
I do have access to the site that he piggybacked the site he was building for me, and I’m wondering if it is possible to get the site completed, get admin access too for myself etc., and go from there.
Hope you can understand what I am asking as I am confused by all of this now and as I cannot contact the web developer concerned, I am unable to get my money back, I just want my site sorted, useable, managable by me, and users, and working, to my satisfaction.
Any advice or assistance appreciated …

Hello Gandalf

Can you please share details of your website ! like if there’s any help i can provide i will definitely provide top notch solutions and excellent results on your project

Please drop me an email via my Envato profile and share details so we could proceed next

Please, check your PM