help needed: enroll the menu and the subpages after implementing a bought Elementor theme

Dear friends and helping hands, surely a noobish one, but I need help.

I have Elementor pro and installed via plugin the theme kit, up I bought on envato, but now I am stuck - how can I activate the menu and work on the implemented pages like Services etc?

In wordpress is still only one sample page but if I walk through the “Elements” plugin, next installed kits → and select after implementing the sub pages, I can access each sub page, but like mentioned, menu is broken and missing (becaus the pages are not created in wordpress?) and I cannot edit menu manually because of the missing pages.

Hope you got me :smiley: and can help, thank you in advance!


Hi @dragoone841,

Please contact the author of your purchased theme, the author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query: