Help needed about an unit test issue


I need a help from you guys, I am facing an unit test issue, reviewer asked me to fix this issue, but I am little bit confused what else I can do in this part. Please see the attachment unittest . In this screenshot you can see in top part the month name is November and bottom part also the same name, but here bottom month name is previous year’s November. I also do not understand is it a functional issue or only styling issue.
*Note: I did not use any filter for calendar widget. This comes from monster widget.
Hope you will help me.

Thanks in advance.

I think the bottom ‘<< Nov’ is going to previous year November because your last post published in the previous year November.

What exactly the reviewer mentioned as an issue.

Thanks for your reply. You are right, currently when I click on the bottom ‘<<Nov’ it is going to previous year November post. So, what should I change? Because it is default functionality of WP, I did not add any extra code for it. Could you please tell me what changes actually reviewer wants?

can you tell: What exactly the reviewer mentioned as an issue?

Yes, sure. The message from reviewer:
“Please ensure sure all default WordPress widgets are styled and display properly in all widgetized areas. You can check with the Monster Widget WordPress plugin [].” .
And then sent the above screenshot link.
*Note: I am using Monster widget to show all widgets.

I think the issue might me typography hierarchy. The title November in the top looks the same as link Nov, thus creating confusion for the user. Try to style Nov differently to make it look like a link.

please make sure the widget style match with your theme style and you have to be fine with visual and typography hierarchy, font, color etc. default widgets should look like a part of your theme (same style).

Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions.

Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions. Have a good day.