Help. Need Recommendations/Suggestions

Hello! I made a Particles Shockwaves Simulation in after effects. I need you people to take some time and check out these two versions of shockwaves and let me know if they are any good. What further adjustments can i make. I would be glad if you guys help me out. Thanks in advance!

Here is the YouTube link for the two versions:

two changes can be done.

  1. Color effect instead of just white and black. like effects, we see in galaxy image on google search.
  2. Adding Sound effect.
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Thats okay but I want to know how’s the main basic shockwave effect. Colour grading and sound fx are secondary adjustments. If the shockwave FX is good then i’ll continue with my project. Anyways thanks for the reply.

@jshyamsundar3899 Hi, I think the animation is like an old lada driving steadily at 40km/h. When preferably you would want a Lamborghini which fastly accelarates from 0 to 120km/s, then slams on the brakes, slides and releases some smoke effects :smiley:

I’m trying to say that your timing is boring. It lacks dynamic movemenet of starting slow, accelerating fast when the particles explode with a big impact and then later slowing down very much as it kind of starts to fade away.

There also could be some secondary reaction animation to the particles explosion. Like another smaller less detailed explosion behind the main one, getting “triggered” as the main explosion erupts. That would look better I think cause it would have an action and a reaction to it. Now it’s just one action on it’s own.

Also you could add some depth of field effects to it.
Overall I think this, similar project has a nearly perfect level of execution of dynamic animation, colors, depth of field etc: and I would highly reference it and it’s animation while creating your own project.

Else I think the graphic style of your project looks nice and it doesn’t need to look exactly like the example project I sent you. It can be even a white, circular explosion as it is now, it just needs work on colors/shading, animation and maybe adding more details like small circular particles floating in the background and it should look very cool✌️good luck!


Thanks for the reply. I was kind of concerned about the velocity of the Shockwave. The outburst looks slow but I don’t know how to increase the velocity just so the outburst takes only few frames. Color grading will be secondary as this footage will be alpha.

Can you help me out on how can I increase the velocity of the Shockwave?

This is just the base Shockwave. I would like to improve this first then I’ll be working on other detailing and stuff.

Well I’m not sure with what plugin you’re creating this, but perhaps you can animate some of it’s properties like velocity etc which could achieve this fast animation with a slow down later?

Another thing you can look into is time remapping for After Effects and a time displacement effect + how to use graph editor (in case you’re unaware of this yet). All of these will allow you to play with the speed of the animation.

Look up some tutorials on these on youtube and you should be good to go :smiley:

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Time remapping is creating unnecessary blurred samples of the effect. I’ve used Stardust for making this effect and for that fluidic/smoky look I’ve added Force motion blur. That’s where the problem is because when you’re using force motion blur you can’t use time remapping for speeding up the effect. And I’m not able to find a way to speed up the effect in stardust. Thanks for the reply though