HELP! Need assistance with the bridge theme.. any experts out there?

Pulling my hair out with the Bridge theme. Was subcontracted to add a blog page and the sidebar on the posts are not showing up in mobile view. Everything I can think of was checked correctly… any advice? Thank you in advance.


Contact with your purchase item author @QODE right here as a comments hope they will helped!


What happens if you turn the phone landscape?

I wouldn’t expect sidebars to be visible on portrait mobile and that’s the case on the theme demo.

Hi Charlie-Thank you for your quick response- The sidebar shows up underneath the video post in landscape mode, but not in portrait. I am thinking it had something to do with the video image overlay which is not resizing correctly? Do I need to fix that with some css? this is the link: again!

I’ve only got access on my phone so it’s hard to judge but I’d definitely follow @unlockdesign link to ask the author or else look on for a freelancer

Thank you will do!