[help] My web hosting gave me a temp domain during setup and I activated my license under it!

This is for the Avada theme.

I would normally submit a ticket for Avada, but the issue is that I bought the theme 6+ months ago and am just now activating it - because I am a professional procrastinator! :sweat_smile: this means I made absolutely 0 use of my free 6 months of support, even though I never used the product before now.

I am hoping an Avada Rep sees this and can provide assistance.

A little more detail about my issue:

I just bought the domain I wanted. Just set up Wordpress. Did not know I was setting up Avada under a test domain xxx.mybluehost.com… I Installed Avada and activated it like a dummy without checking.

Now on my MyAvada page, it shows the test domain instead of my actual domain.

How can I get help if I cannot submit a ticket because I am out of support?


You can send them a direct email going through the author profile page, there you will find a contact form.