Help! My very first item has been rejected, why?


Hey Guys,

My very first item for AudioJungle has been rejected. As you know a hard-reject doesn’t come with specific reasons as to why so your opinions would be greatly appreciated.



Hi @WavesProduction)) I think you just not enough experience, sound very MIDI and mechanical, no liveliness. Listening to top authors tracks and try to repeat them sound. Don’t despair :slight_smile: Good luck


step by step , will need tinkering right to compare its sound with the sound of top authors !!! )))


Hi! I agree with AliveSound - sound very mechanistical and unhuman.Try to play it leave on your midi keyboard and create more dynamical sound and more interesting arrangement and interesting ending of your music track. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Agree with Lucky and Alive. Sounds very midi even on cheap headphones. Try to listen more reference tracks, its a good way to get some experience. And also don’t give up!


@AliveSound @WildLion_Production @LuckyBlackCat @RainbowProduction Thank you very much for your feedback and have a great day!


sounds quite sharp and robotic


It’s not bad track @WavesProduction, guys told you everything.
On 0:50 sec , you reversed wrong chords :slight_smile: you’re reversing next chord dude !
Best of luck !