Help. My project was hard rejected.

Help me find out what went wrong with my template and possible areas of improvement. The automated email doesn’t help much. Thanks in advance

Here is the link


Hello, dear
I’m in here for only 1 year, I have two projects in my portfolio, my first videohive approved project was exactly one of Lower thirds, and I’ve had some other projects rejected, I know how frustrating, of the projects that were rejected I left saved for a reevaluation of mine to resubmit another time, when it happened to me I just started a new idea. Don’t let the rejection of your project discourage you, move on.
But on your Lower Thirds project, watching your demo video, I noticed a shadow problem, I believe you added an extra layer of overlapping shadows that come in very quickly, causing an unpleasant noise you need solve this shadow problem, and as a suggestion I tell you to also reduce the opacities of the shadows, make them softer.
Regarding the presentation video, the soundtrack you chose is shorter than the time of your video, it ends and restarts halfway through the presentation, you need to insert a soundtrack of the same size that has a beginning, middle and end.

I hope I was helpfull
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Good luck


The main problem is design and animation itself, it is outdated. Bad looking shadows, bad animation timings, poor text alignment. There are lots of things you should learn before approving projects.

Sorry for the rejection mate. I rather like it personally. Maybe the flip animation thing is a little obtrusive though. I realise you kinda went for a ‘bandage’ kind of look but the reveal animation covers too much of the screen. I think a simple left to right animation wouldve been more subtle than a diagonal one. My 2 cents, GL next time!

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Thank you. Will look into that and also thank you for the word of encouragement.

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Thank you for the input.

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Sorry for the rejection don’t be sad, I think you need to reduce the animation also try to reduce the opacity of shadow it’s very heavy but anyway the look not bad but you need to make some changes. Do your best in next time and it will be approved.

Have a good day.

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