Help Music license (can somebody help me?)

Hello everyone,

I made a music video for a friend with background music. I found this on youtube it said copyright free. I used this in my video clip. After 2 days of editing, I wanted to share the video on Instagram today.

Epic Cinematic Action Trailer Copyright Free Background Music for your Video Content by Musicology - YouTube

After 5 minutes of sharing the video I get the following message:

Video Blocked
Some people can’t view your video because it may contain content owned by Bongo BD.

Searched Bongo BD on the internet and i says it is a large entertainment youtube channel. but what does that have to do with the music?

this is my first time doing something like this (making video) and apparently the music isn’t copyright free at all.

Now I look for the music in the video so that my work is not lost. If I find this music can I buy it and share it without copyright problems on instagram/facebook?

Can someone help me find the music.