help meee

Hello friends what’s the problem?

It´s clear and explained in “Rejection Details”-“Reason” to the right side of the image. Remove Nike logo and name from everywhere you placed it, then resubmit everything again and make a comment to reviewer at the end of submission form explaining the changes you made.
That´s it, just a soft rejection, make the changes and it will be approved


your item is currently soft disabled (hidden). Go to your hidden tabs there you will find the reason why soft disabled (in your screenshots you can see) and fix those. Actually you hve used Brand logo and name which are not allowed. So, remove those from your item and Submit the update with provide the details you have done in reviewer Comments. If you make the changes as reviewer asked then your Item wil be active/enable in your portfolio.



This item is soft rejected item. Here is your soft rejection issue
You have to solved this issue then this item will go on portfolio tab now it is under Hidden Items Tab.

And they said Remove That Nike Logo


would that be?

That´s right. Remove everything related to Nike logo and brand.

don’t use any other logo or brand on your project…lesson learnt… even at images…