help me

Friends! Hello everyone) tell me please. How can I change the language to Russian in the subject so that it is completely in Russian.


Are you talking about this item?

Usually when something is specific to an item like this, it’s best that you contact the author of the item directly. They happen to have their own support site, so you can try contacting them from there.

Yes it cannot adjust as necessary to have it expertise on the small side it would be nice if podskazali)

Our support timings are Monday to Friday from 11 am to 7 pm GMT+5 and our response time can be up to 2 working days depending on ticket queue

How can I get my money back ???

It is written that cool tech support but plainly no one writes or explains ((((! Thanks for the time allotted!

Did you submit a support ticket using the link I gave you?

The letter cannot be sent there because the time zone does not match (((

That’s not how it works, you can submit a ticket any time, but they won’t see it until the times they provided. You just need to be patient.

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dear friend you can be contacted what’s app

dear friend you can be contacted what’s app please.

I don’t have WhatsApp, but why would you need to contact me on there?

Just submit a ticket using the link below and they’ll get back to you likely next week now because of the weekend.