help me ! why rejected my psd ?

pixel dimensions 50005000
print size 42.33
42.33 pixel
resolution 300 pixel
:thinking::thinking::thinking: why reject my psd file ? help me …

I post the file after quality changes here


Have you had anything like this accepted before?

Things like this I feel would be better provided as a vector, with the .eps .ai etc. Rather than a raster PSD, which I assume is what you’ve done. Large files like this aren’t very user friendly, vector files are much lighter and can be used at any size.

If this is your main preview image, then you need to work a lot more on that. Maybe show some ways it can be used and/or customized. At least something more interesting than a black background.

I see a lot of decor elements like this included in packs of anywhere from 4 to 10. Perhaps that would be the better approach?

Personally I don’t think the rejection has to do with what the actual item looks like, but rather the way that it’s provided and previewed.

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i do agree with @XioxGraphix as regard to we he said about formats and conveniency , i would personally add that this is probably hurting u to have a photoshop version as u add a layer style that it not making your item look better, indeed, this is the other way around. I may also add that envato may have been considering this item as rather not viable commercially since there are a lot of sites where u can find free vectors like this one