Help me... Why My Item Rejected ??


I’m Newbie. reviewers say my logo outside the standards for on sale at envato?


yes, it is, it’s out of envato standard
you should check some top logos in graphicriver as a designer to understand


According to the reply of yours what makes this not standard envato ?


hi he is right right this is not what they expect … here details as holes in your cheese are not welcome, they look for corporate things also more than a bit cartoon like style … and finally the typo u are suing is not basic and not worked out enough for them to ever let u go with this item … i woudl also add that there are some holes on the edge that are not having the orange ede like the rest … and that yoru logo is either too flat or too detailed depending on what e consider … sorry to say just that no doubt that u did your best but the logo category here is very tough , there are tons of authors and items and they reject a lot of things nowadays for this matter . This is already too with some worked out enough items and your work is still requiring sone additional work, so they just legitimately rejected in this case … good luck however , do not lose courage and enthusiasm … workign hard is the ket to get to the next level