help me. why hard reject my project? any changes please suggest

any help me why hard reject my project, how can i approved my project, if any changes please help me

Hi. I think animation is very static using always the same scene for every picture or pictures, camera shoud move up or down, to the left or right, backwards or forward, going to a different scene and background that will give some variations to the project, and will give a nice 3D depth look because now is too flat. Don´t use always the same snow flakes transition and the same background texture. Try to give all the elements inside the scene a more detailed look, more detailed textures. Add more elements to the background in different 3D positions. On the other hand, transitions should be merged with layer that is behind, in your case I can see the wipe of the layer behind transition, wich I guess is not very nice. Try to use camera depth of field to accentuate 3D space and focus differences, giving a better look for everything.
Just my opinions. Keep working!!
Good Luck!! :wink::+1:

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