Help me understand why my template rejected


I have uploaded one of my game templates (UNO) and it was rejected by the review team saying “UNO is trademarked content”. I’m not sure what does it mean, it was developed by me from scratch.

Can anyone help me understand the issue.

Thanks in advance.

Demo link?

Uno is the name of a very famous card game - you will almost certainly need to find a different name

Here is the demo link - UNO Card Game - Free Addicting Game

Your comment makes sense. I made a simple Google search and found that the work UNO is registered. I think that’s what the reviewer comment mean. I didn’t know this before. Instead of UNO if I use some other name for the game and redesign the assets without the word UNO, will it be accepted?

FAR FAR FAR too close to the trademarked game UNO | Ubisoft

True, now it makes sense why the item was rejected. Thanks alot for helping me understand. Now, will it be accepted if I redesign the game with unique graphics and new name that are no way related to UNO? But the gameplay will be like UNO.

You will need to find another name for the item. I don’t think you will be able to use “UNO”, too

Got it. I guess I will have remake the graphics and change the name, and resubmit for review. Hopefully they accept it.

Change name to 4 color card game, something like this :slightly_smiling_face: