Help me understand why my HTML theme got rejected

Hello everybody!

I submitted a theme and it got hard rejected because of quality requirements. I would very much like to understand why, since there is no reviewer comments in the email I received.

Here is the demo link :

I am ready to take construtive criticism and also some help, and I will pay great attention to each of your replies.

I have a few questions too :

  • What should the documentation talk about? Do you have a great example to give me?
  • Are there some “popular” themes I should look up to?
  • Simply on terms of files organization, is there a “rule” to follow except for the usual sorting files type by folders?

Thank you for your help!

This needs resolving is useful for documentation

With respect,

  • the design is quite outdated

  • not really enough for multipage and might work better as a one pager

  • you need to work on typography