help me understand my invoice

My item is 20$ why do I see 16$ on my invoice as can be seen here why not 20$, minus the author and buyer fee or just 10$ since that is what I will recieve?

The list price is $20. The buyer’s fee is $4. Minus the buyer’s fee from the list price and you get the item price of $16. That’s what’s you use for calculating the author’s fee… subtract that author’s fee from the item price, and that’s what you’re left with in your account.

You only see the item price on your statement, rather than the list price, as you never see the buyer’s fee… the buyer pays it and it goes straight to Envato.

Ok, but what’s the explanation for this: . So I’ve earned less than 50% (exclusive author starting rate) with selling that item.
$4.47 isn’t 50% of $10, I think.

Same deal, but the buyers fee for your item is $3, which means an item price of $7. If the buyers fee was $2 (or 20%, like in the example above) then you’d be getting 50% of the total list price.

If you’re a non-exclusive author with less than $3750 in sales, then you get 62.5% of the item price.