Help me track this video please

Please help me find this video on VideoHive. I downloaded a preview about a week ago, but I can’t seem to track it with the number on the .mp4 now.
Here it is 883007.mp4

Thanks a bunch.

Hi @moviepundits

Can you post the screenshot of the video? maybe we know the project if you post the screenshot.


Here they are…Thanks so much.

Hi @moviepundits

I think this project is parallax style. You can find here✓&term=parallax&as=0&referrer=search&view=list&category=after-effects-project-files

Nope I can’t seem to find it here too. :frowning:

Hi @moviepundits

You don’t see any name on the preview video? I mean the project name or the author name.

No just the number on the mp4.

Can you share the preview video here? Upload to YouTube or Vimeo and share it here. I might find it for you.

Here it is…Thanks so much.

This? :wink:

Thanks a million Bro…You’re the man!!! Appreciate much.

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No worries! :slight_smile:

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