help me to understand how the system works

Hi, guys!
I am new here.
What should I do to start getting income from my photos?

Thanks in advance.

Hello! :slight_smile: You can start from this article:

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Hello Milan. Would you like to post photos of you or you are the photographer and would like to sell stock photos?

Hello, Karina!
I am a fotographer. I have been photographing for almost 3 years.
Now I decided to start selling photos here.

I see this post and I am going to start uploading photos. Here is my question is that Can I get photos from google which you like. I mean if you have interest in vlogging and you go and search about vlogging in google and you click on top first website like that and you go to this website and get all pics of vlogging from this website and upload to here. Is it ok or not.

Please guide me. Thanks in advance.

Are you seriously asking if you can just steal peoples pictures off Google and submit them here?!?

Surely that’s not a serious question