Help me to send my music on Mars!

Hey friends!

Did you know about ExoMars mission?
In 2021, the first European planetary rover of the ExoMars mission will land on Mars. Its landing platform will host an onboard memory device. This device will contain also some sound recordings, that will be sent back to Earth as part of a scientific experiment. Anyone can send 30 seconds of sound to be considered for this project.
You can read more about the project here:

I made this composition:

I think that music is the highest possible form of art that can unite all the people. Everyone can understand music, without need for any translation. I combined instruments I collected from many different countries, to ideally represent everyone on Earth for this project.

I used instruments from Australia (didgeridoo), India (sitar), Peru (flute and charango), Russia (balalaika), Mexico (tun kuul), China (erhu) Italy (mandolin), Slovakia (Fujarka) an african drum, and an acoustic guitar.

Please, vote my submission on the project page here:

(beware that you have to enter your email and click a confirmation link that will be sent you by email… and in some case the confirmation email ends up in the spam folder!)

thanks a lot! :slight_smile: