Help me to know.

Hi everyone in here. My name is Nyi Nyi Htwe.

First of all I would like to say this web is really a treasure for me since yesterday. When i open up graphic river pages. There is annoying advs which is called DNSunlocker. It is always came up whenever i hover to thumbnails and I don’t really know why is happening. I tried configures as do not show forever. But it is still pop up.

I am enjoying buying items from here and I will always keep in touch with envato. But these things…
any idea???

I’ve tried upload screenshot image, but new user can’t upload. So, heres my dropbox link to see my problem.

Your computer has a virus, those ads are not part of Envato.

OMG, thank you. And apologies if this question out of your community topic.
Thanks again for your reply.

yes this is totally a virus. I use a program called malwarebytes that might be helpful for you. they have a freeware version.