Help me to improve my flyer


Please help me, what i need to add/change? Thanks!


cool work buddy … if u ask me much better than some of the ones that they accept daily nowadays , this is original , the titling is very cool there is harmony and a solid composition. In shirt i basically like it much …

however , always try to consider all details , all details matter indeed … and the thing is that your model is clearly not well cut, her hair looks messy so either u try to recut properly or u try to smoothen it … u can use the stamp to take out the ugly white (do not forget to lock the white empty pixels) or u do this and try to place a smooth progressive shadow behind her so that the hair looks way better …

last thing , sorry to say just that but i think that u won’t be able to make it with this model … i personally like , no problem , and i see no problem with the concerned model . However, they are very likely to soft reject your work and make u change the girl because “too sexual” according to them … unfortunately … but we never know . The fact of the matter is there are some guys who have no problem at all even if they use a model wearing nothing at all , when some other authors cannot use a bra, a thang, a swimsuit or a topless model (when u do not see anything obviously) … without having all kind of soft rejections and further editing to do. i know that this makes no sense at all nowadays , besides, as my last buyer confirmed when he asked me for the link of the model i used in the flyer he bought, he expects not “too clad women” but some guys nowadays have to make a beach or swimming pool party with a girl wearing an evening gown … crazy! but nothing to do for some people so i hope that u are in the right range and have no problem …

good luck buddy :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, I really appreciate! :slight_smile:


I made a few changes, can you tell me what do you think now?


cool not bad if u ask me , but u still to add a bit more efort when it comes to the footer text indeed … it doesn’t look good enough yet and not sure about the font that u used as well , i think tat u can combine in a better way and have something looking better again …