Help me take a look my design

Hello friends!
I am waiting for this invitation to be approved but I think it will be declined. I also looked into the files for sale and I did the same but everything failed. Therefore, in the meantime, I hope you can help me complete the requirements of Graphicriver.
My file format is as follows:

  • PSD CMK 300dpi
  • Link to download free fonts
  • All Elements are smarts objects

Thank you very much

this good design

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Thank you!

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A ask… do you design rocket, fire, etc or download stock?

Hi! I download from Stock

you can’t download any stock but you create any design original because copyright author.

I tell you that my design flyer was hard rejected flyers because I was use images stock and bad quality design.

In fact, I also see many other designs using images from stock :frowning: and about the quality all my elements are smarts object :frowning:

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Yes but buy to license for example photodune (license extended $40 usd), etc too other sites, you cann’t use any images or vector free license.