Help me "soft rejected" motion graphics

I have received the message with the requirement to remove audio a track ….
I don’t understand! I have fulfilled all requirement about addition of a sound track …
Someone can from you to me help?


You can only include the sound in preview, make sure it is not in the final clip that people purchase.

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Thanks! I can’t understand as me to make it? Same not AE project.
I unload only one footage and there is no audio and video division

You create your video that you want to sell without audio, pack it in a zip and upload it via the edit form of your softrejected item (it is in the hidden item tab in your dashboard).

When uploading new files, you create two videos: one is your clip without audio, one is the preview with audio. You pack the clip to sell in a zip, upload the zip to the new motion graphics uploader, and can then add your video preview there.

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I thank you! Yes now I have understood!