Help me :( Rejected motivational track

Why my track got rejected? any suggestions? Help me understand why, I want to get better.

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Hi there! I admire your humility and bravery in asking for suggestions.

There are some fairly good ideas in your composiiton.

Here are some rough pointers to help you improve:

  1. The acoustic guitar is poorly recorded and mixed, it sounds rather messy and rough and amateur
  2. The drums are programmed in a way that sounds very fake and lacks variety or `human factor’
  3. Your themes are too repetitive without development, there are parts which just feel like a loop repeating.

I hope you don’t mind my comments, and please understand they are provided in the spirit of us helping each other out, it’s not intended to discourage you.

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Hi, I think the guitar sound is not processed, and a synthesizer which pits it sounds very poor quality , midi and vintage, as well as not suitable for the guitar tone. In a lot hissing drums.

Thank you guys! I appreciate your help!

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