Help me plz !



hi everyone I have a problem …I want to sell after effects project and preset I was unable to speak in english tutoriale video so I want to replace with tutoriale in pdf ? in english ?? Plz help me …


hi, sorry i do not understand what is the difference if pdf or video if u use english this is all the same, whether u speak or write …


thank you for the answer I will not speak English to her I asked the qeustion for my projects with tutorials in pdf I believe that the projects Envato not take his video tutorials


you do not have to use voice on your tutorial. i didn’t want to use audio on mine.
all you have to do is render out an mp4 of your tut. then stick that on the timeline in AE and add text to explain what to do as the video plays. just create a black solid and add text. few keyframes to reveal it at points in time. just add as many as you need. not sure if i explained that properly but thats what you need to do


ok I must creates a video without audio tutorials and I should explain with text edit on the video tutoriale pdf and also a thank you for you …