Help me pls

Excuse my English

Is color doge
color layers doge
If you can show meme how to do 10 eps file pls

hi, guess this is how it gets incompatible sometimes if u use some featured that used not to be part of previous version and if u wanna know how i feel i believe that this illustrator 10 is really not worth the drive and that people should be able to choose to upload without it … after all aren’t we setting compatibility things in the upload form?

Yes, this is annoying and is layer mask, which is locked down, so if you try to use their lighting effects elsewhere, you can’t!

I never use this security trick, since most purchasers could figure out how to do it anyway, so why p*** them off?

It is virtually impossible to get around so my advise is contact the creator, or figure out how to do it yourself?

Or get a refund?


And what should I do ?More explicit.

Such colors, very layers. Wow!

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what do u mean by this Martin? lol sorry i don’t understand

Hi Shane , correct me if i am wrong but he did it by himself and he has trouble to export the work he created in illustrator 10 version , that’s what i could understand at least …

I do not understand anything ,what to do to fix it

Don’t save it as eps 8, it doesn’t support transparency and blend modes, should save it as eps10 and it will be OK, just don’t use shadows, inner glows and distorted radial gradients because it renders bitmaps once when you save eps. Hope this helps…

Ok, get rid of it, is probably my best advise?


really , he did not try with 10 version already ? i thought so … that’s already not useful to have with 10 in my view , so with 8 this is worst again …

lol i can say that i agrees with u for sure, the only problem is that i am not sure he’ll be allowed to do just that lol

That should be ok, Nico?

I have never used this trick for my lighting effects, since as stated eleswhere, the customer can and will figure it out anyway?

And all it will do is p*** off the customer, who wanted to change the background, etc for a client and this nightmare shows up!

Each person where own.


Thank you all :smiley:
I have to remake it

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hi Shane, yes on the other hand, that’s normal to use the tools that u are given with the latest versions

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