Help me please to understand how to make video clear


Hello friends! Please let me to understand how to improve quality of my footages.
I recieved soft rejected file and here is rejection details: I’m sorry but your file cannot be accepted in its current state. I found your main file’s quality to be a bit low. This is due to too much (noise, banding, interlacing, etc.) on your main video.
I think maybe it’s because of the not smooth transition gradient blue on the right side of picture? In the after Effects gradient is smooth and there is no sharp transitions. Maybe I need to change render settings? If anyone knows please help.


Work at 32bit, render to Photo JPEG rather than H.264, bump it up to 90% quality if you can, maybe add a tiny bit of grain or noise to increase the bitrate, go easy on excessive color correction etc etc. That should do the job. Hopefully.

They sometimes include hints and tips in the rejection email, on getting rid of banding. I’ll see if I can dig one out.


You mean add noise grain to the footage on the top layer?
They can reject because of existence of noise in a shot


small amount of noise can smooth the color banding.
Add noise only on the background gradient layer.


That’s true, but only a tiny bit should get rid of the banding. Like 1 or 2% noise. Or about 0.25 intensity and 0.5 size on the grain. Something like that anyway.


There is a difference what tool to add film convert Pro or the standard after effects “Noise” tool?


what instrument do you use for adding noise?


Yeah, I just use the standard noise or grain effects within After Effects.


You told it will give the chance to accelerate a render also?


Yeah it will slow your render down a bit. Grain probably more than noise. Not that much you can do about that. There might be other noise and grain plugins that don’t slow it down as much, but I wouldn’t be sure which.


I have one more question.How many noise is permissible? I have many files which I have to edit. I don’t want to apply a denoiser to each file because the computer will be done by a render three days. How I can to know where can use the noise reducer and where isn’t? How many noise in footage is permissible? Thanks a lot!!!


That’s hard to say. You need to get the right balance between not too much banding and not too much noise/grain. Take a look at the stuff you’re working on or yet to upload and compare them to the image you’ve posted above. If the banding is like that or worse, then it;s probably going to be worth re-rendering with the grain/noise. If it’s hardly noticeable then you might be ok. Trial and error.


Thank you!!!


Found this as well…


Ohhh Thanks!!!