Help me please.Rejected...


AudioJungle has rejected my all songs. What do you think? Whats problem i have in my songs?


Hey :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t3:

I think that track is amazing, really
Try to listen top tracks here on AJ, especially in your favorite styles.
Maybe your track is too complicated for background music

Cheers :call_me_hand:t3:

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Hello @GloryMusicHouse ,

Here are my 2 cents:

First of all the major issue i see with your track is that its way too long. You have to understand the mindset of Royalty Free music isnt like writting music for an album. Yes there can be some similarities in general but Royalty Free music is used mostly in commercials / trailers.

That means that you have 2 mins max in order to connect with your audience and convey a feeling. Thats the reason you see that most of the tracks around AudioJungle has 3-4 versions varying from 30 seconds to 2 mins.

That requires simplicity. Your music needs to convince people that are not composers. Here is a general tip of whats the best Royalty Free music advice you can get from. Pick an person who never had any musical studies. Write an 1 min track. Play it to him. If he says “Hey i like that thats CATCHY!”, you are golden !

Now to some of the technical stuff iam hearing. Your track is way too overcompressed, mastering needs some work and some notes / chords / playing are not on time.

I believe though that your mentality is the issue here. You are approaching Royalty Free music making as an album music making which yes there are similarities but it adhears to different “rules”.

Anyway, sorry for my rumble and i hope i helped! :slight_smile:

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Hi @GloryMusicHouse

from an artistic point of view, your track is amazing and magical, really!


  • there’s serious mix/mastering issues
  • you have to find the way to be in tune with the stock market, while keeping this artistic level.
    (offers shorter additional versions, for example? 1min edit and 30s edit are often acclaimed by video makers)

do you already have a profile page on AJ? I can’t find it… would be nice if I could follow your work.

I wish you all the best for future

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