Help Me on My Rejected Logo


Please help Me to improve My Rejected Logo


Hey @Outflow_Designs

Fault that catch the eye:

This mock-up does not look realistic and it’s background is too blurred. I would recommend you to not use it in your future projects.

Thanks @AnimatedTools
I will check it and update mockup

The font you choose doesn’t work well with your house icon. Also your logo has a very common concept. There is tones of house related logos already in the marketplace. You need to be very creative.

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Thanks for your reply @DesignSomething

i think that your illustration is cool and cute , now u have to rework the typo part … this is not matching enough and here they will expect something more worked out in this side , good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks @n2n44, i will update it…

u can give it a try anyway lol nothing wrong will result out of it anyway lol

Unfortunately, i have update it and rejected again…